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 Integrated Resorts (IR) will be opening for business for the first time in Japan in just a few years. These leisure and entertainment properties include hotel, casino, restaurants and high-end retail, and were legalized under the Act on the Development of Specified Complex Tourist Attraction Areas (commonly known as the "IR Implementation Act") and other related laws and regulations. We decided to establish the Integrated Resort Security Institute (IRSI), a general incorporated association (ippan shadan hojin), to help ensure that IR projects in Japan are developed and operated with integrity and transparency, with the top priority of creating a secure environment for guests, staff and the local community.

 IRSI supports clients by providing advice and recommendations, conducting investigations, and forming working groups, all of which will be indispensable to excluding anti-social forces such as organized crime groups, their affiliated companies, and international criminal organizations. These entities often conduct illegal activities and businesses that appear to be legal and use them to attempt to get involved in or even take control of projects. Alternatively, they may seek to infiltrate a legitimate company or gain entry to an IR, even though the individual or group is supposed to be denied entry because of their affiliations.

 In order to achieve this, IRSI has developed a system to prevent organized crime and other anti-social influences from any involvement with IRs. We offer clients in-depth consultations on IR security (physical, cyber, etc.), compliance and investigations. Our seasoned team has a wealth of knowledge from decades of service in the FBI in the U.S. and Japan’s National Policy Agency, as well as experience in the international IR business.

 The construction and operation of IR facilities will be a new undertaking for the Japanese government, law enforcement, and businesses, and we believe that setting up a Compliance, Security and Investigations program will be essential to building a "Japanese-style IR" that meets all legal and regulatory standards and requirements, and is transparent, safe, and an enjoyable experience for guests.

 We hope that IR-related companies, and other Japanese companies, will consider the benefits of our CSI program.

James Stern, Chief Executive Officer
Shinichi Moriyama, President
Integrated Resort Security Institute


 IRSI aims to contribute to the realization of safe, secure, and enjoyable Japanese-style IRs by holding seminars, building a database of useful information, and creating customized programs for compliance, security, and investigations for clients. Security is the most important factor in IR operations for all who are involved in this business in Japan.

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Chief Executive Officer

James Carl Stern


Shinichi Moriyama